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    Quote Originally Posted by Jin View Post
    That was a deload, yes.

    I'm confident in pulling 585. I think I'll be able to swing 600.
    Ive pulled 565 for a single and 545 last week for a double.

    Here is is my best guess. Really I'm clueless, so tell me what to change.

    Squatsx10 @135
    That ramp up is probably just fine. Might start the whiskey at 405 to 455. It's ability to make you not give a **** what's on the bar shouldn't be underestimated.

    My bachelor party was tequila and a dl bar. 500 for reps. No warm up. I got to 8 and had another 10 in me. Until the contents of my stomach reached my throat.
    Rest in Peace Robot Lord. First round of Natty Boh is on me when I make it up there with you brother.

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    Pinned 125mg of tne 60 minutes prior to workout. Wasn't blown away. It really kicked in closer to 2 hours so I'll plan accordingly for next week. I was able to load up the HS row machine with 5 plates on each side and rep 10 easy.

    After warm up we hit 8 singles @ 405. Worked on form and setup.

    superset x 4
    cable rows x 8
    lat pull x 8

    HS row

    HS Lat pull
    Homo Erectus Maximis

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