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    Good lifts and good bulk. I never felt TNE was worth a damn for me either.
    Don't be a pussy. Crack a high life. Pack a dip. Listen. Beat your ol' lady. Pet your dog.
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    so jin how have your friends, family and significant other reacted to your rise to giant? that's an area you never touch on but is very interesting to hear. I can't run into a friend or family member without them tripping out on how much bigger I've gotten, so if you don't mind...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gibsonator View Post
    your libido wasn't any different on cycle?! shit dude I have been horny 24/7 lol.
    libido was very high on cycle. I was expecting an even sharper increase after pinning tne.

    Quote Originally Posted by Seeker View Post
    Nice work, Jin. I hope you plan on sticking around when you relocate back to Japan.
    no doubt I'll be sticking around. Thanks Seeker.
    Bigorexia is real.
    And you're too small.

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    Strong work Jin, thanks for sharing your experience. Safe travel to you and your family.

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