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    I really don't know enough about diff esters to make a suggestion, however there is a polish Pharm company that makes a PI Test mix that I believe is called Testex 450 (450mg) and was designed with 4-5 esters and pinned I read a few ppl pinning on cycle 1 every week with very few dips, if you mimic that blend it might get you close to a great 1 per week pin that's stable for TRT

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    I do TRT at 100-150 mg/w for a few months. Then I do a light cycle of 300-700 mg/w ramping up and then back down. Then I PCT with a cocktail and then stay off everything for another month or 2. Then I get bloods done and start over again. I have a TRT script but still cycle like this. Worst part of it is the brain fog coming off. It really doesn't bother me much to drop 20 lbs of size. In fact the PCT/off period is where I get my health and flexibility back in order. Generally, I want all my health markers back i order and a test level somewhere between 300 650 ng/dL before I start up again. Funny ting I notices over the past decade is that women seem to be pretty happy with a smaller lean guy than a larger more massive guy;that is until the larger massive guy gets really lean. Then they act like whores.

    just my 2 cents

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    Quote Originally Posted by glycomann View Post
    It really doesn't bother me much to drop 20 lbs of size.
    I have quit cold turkey with no pct and never lost 20lbs. Sounds like a shit ton of water to me. I would be mad as fuk.
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    I would go E10D with that blend. Over time half-lifes are going to stack up and you could lower the dose maintaining your BL. I prefer a TP, TPP and TC blend. By day 7 the TP is long gone, the TPP is near clear and the TC carries days 6 and 7. If you're truly seeking TRT and not hiding a cycle behind the abbreviation, your better off running a little low rather than a little high.

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