View Poll Results: Men's Open Weight - Who Ya Got?

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  • Dallas McCarver

    0 0%
  • Cedric McMillan

    2 100.00%
  • Lionel Beyeke

    0 0%
  • Juan Morel

    0 0%
  • Maxx Charles

    0 0%
  • Fouad Abiad

    0 0%
  • Michael Lockett

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  • Will Harris

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  • Vitaly Fateev

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  • Luke Sandoe

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    2017 Arnold Classic: Men's Open Weight - Who Takes It?

    Interesting pool in the open this year. Who ya' got?
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    I want Dallas to win. Very close with Cedric though. I think cedric might take the W. He looks drier and better mid section...but dallas has him on legs/calves by far...I'd need to see a back shot..this could all change though.

    In this shot Cedric...but I'd need to see more shots and back shot

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    Couple of my buddies drove over there, guy that posted this got to hang out with Lou Ferigano for an hr today walking around BSing. Him and his son are both in competitive power lifting, other buddy is our high school strength & conditioning coach that competes in strongman events. Sounds like a crazy good time over there and TOOONS of free supps given away, S&C coach took 3 bags this yr because he stuffed 2 bags last time lol.

    But pwr lifting buddy and his kid stopped to workout at Powerhouse Gym tonight and did some facebook live feeds, holy crap that place is busy as phuck!! Took a screenshot of video below. They have a DJ, drones flying around catching footage of it, and packed on obviously. Did ask him on messenger, "isnt anybody curling in the squat racks is there?" Heeeell no, not in this gym he replied lmao

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    First thought was that place must smell like hell.

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