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Forgot to log yesterday


-Felt weaker than I did last week. Not sure why.
-Could only bench 25 for 6 reps of 3 sets. Idk why.
-Everything else went pretty well.

I have started to take a mass gainer... it's got like 700 cals in it so once I mix it with milk and peanut better it's well over 1k calories. That's the extra push I have to fit in the left over calories that I don't end up consuming in the day. No noticeable strength size gains.... I also ordered L-Argenine online; heard it's a vasodialator, so better pumps? Anyone got an experience with it?
I got a powder that has 1,300 calories per drink !! I only use it if I don't reach my goal a day then I'll hit it after the gym and bed shop around and you can find one with more calories in it then that to help out and yes I have e use that before but it was hard for me to tell cause my veins go nuts natural all day