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that's right you are enlisting in the army right? gotta build up that cardio dude. when I was in the standard was something like 14:30 for 2 miles, 53 push ups in 2 mins, 57 sit ups. Instructors strict on form/depth. I went into basic training at 18 years old weighing 230 lbs, came out 12 weeks later 185. I was so out of shape I pushed myself beyond what I ever thought I could to make it through. Crazy thinking back to that. Keep pushing bro and good luck!
Still gotta hear about whether I need any waivers but yeah I've been destroying myself almost everyday between lifting and PT. I'm tempted to just do PT but lifting feels too good and I know when I ship off for basic I won't be lifting much. My goal is to attempt to break a 300lb bench before that. Last I maxed was 290.