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    Quote Originally Posted by Battletoad View Post
    I've worked all three shifts over the last year, and sleep has been a problem on every single one. It's not the particular shift that has ever been inherently worse for me than another, it's been me fukking myself out of sleep for the sake of a little more entertainment. Terrible sleep discipline, basically. I find it interesting that even amongst a community that exists with training discipline as a core value, so many of us still have poor sleep discipline. I've been working on it, being back on first shift, and I have been feeling better throughout the day.

    Some of the things that have worked for me:
    -Limiting coffee to mornings only
    -"Winding down" earlier than before
    -Less screen time before bed. Reading instead of internet/movies
    -Eating dinner no later than 8pm. I like my red meat, but I've found that going to bed with a belly full of steak can make it hard to sleep.
    -Just wanting to go to bed. As childish as it sounds, so much of my sleep issues can be attributed to "I don't wanna go to bed!" going through my head as bedtime draws near. Just go the fukk to bed haha. I may try going back to a regular alarm clock, and leaving my phone downstairs to charge.

    There's my $.02 I suppose.
    I recently have been putting my phone across the room when it is time for myself to go to bed so I not have as much screen time with it prior to bed. This also doesn't enable me to check my phone if I can't sleep.

    The other thing I was doing was taking 10mg melatonin but I will be taking this back down. For some reason it's giving me very vivid and life like nightmares.
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    Those are strong lifts, especially considering your screen name.

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    Another thing to consider- if you are in bed for a half hour and cant fall asleep, get up and walk around for a minute or read. Dont lay there and try to sleep. It wont happen. This is something I got from a couple sleep doctors and it helps.

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