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    Re: Real world results from T3/Clen

    Quote Originally Posted by Jenner View Post
    so my question is, do you gain whats lost after going off?
    ...only if you go back to silly eating habits With DNP specifically, it is common for people to only lose a moderate amount of weight while on cycle for 3-4 weeks. But the week following they can lose considerably more because you retain a lot of water on DNP. This is especially encouraging because usually when you come off of other substances there is some type of negative effect. I now love DNP and run about 200mg ED for 4-6 weeks at a time. I prefer this lower dose to the higher dose for a shorter period. It's more comfortable and I feel like it gets the job done.

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    Re: Real world results from T3/Clen

    I ran DNP for 3 [email protected] 300mg/day and didnt had no horrible sides. Just the normal yellow sweats, yellow baby juice lol, and increased body odor.

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