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    Could some of you knuckleheads please start editing your posts so we can understand wtf you're trying to say?!! What is it with all the weird signs. Sorry Zilla, don't mean to interupt but damn it's getting annoying.
    Strength is understanding that your power is both physical and emotional..

    that I cannot and will not fight through.

    Strength First.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrRippedZilla View Post
    No offence to your buddy, but someone who makes a living primarily through hormone manipulation really needs to learn more about what hormones do. If you bump up the intensity of an activity, any activity, its going to lead to more stress/cortisol, not less. In fact, there you have another reason why HIIT while getting down to really low bf% is a stupid idea - your dealing with enough stress as it is, don&#39;t add to it. Honestly, I thought this was common sense and someone at that level would clearly be aware of it but obviously not.
    I understand what youre saying. Im also not in much position to argue with someone who steps on the pro stage at an inhuman shredded 240-250lbs at my height. I guess its kinda like me telling Warren Buffett how to make money. Also understand that he has coaches even at his level and he follows their instructions in these matters.</p>

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