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    Quote Originally Posted by Bicepticon View Post
    I think once the slack, is pulled out of a deadlift bar the difference is negligible.
    Not so much bc by pulling the slack out, you have a higher starting position and a greater mehanical advantage.
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    My first meet was the first time I used a dl bar. My old gym didn't have one.

    My 3rd attempt was a 30lb pr made possible by the dl bar. It was only 530 but it felt like a rack pull with all the whip.
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    Also depends on the weight. If you're pulling 500, 600 the bar isn't going to whip that much. If you're pulling 700, 800 it matters a lot more.

    I would always train with a stiff bar during the off season for volume work. For doubles and triples I would use a DL bar.

    Also, if you're peaked in strength and going for a 5 lb PR, it may throw you off if you've been training with a DL bar. Which isn't a reason to use a stiff bar all the time, it's just the feds responsibility to have the proper equipment.

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