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    Quote Originally Posted by CharlieHere View Post
    Thanks for the time. I do know that 4 months is not much time, especially compared to the decade being a lazy ass. I will continue with the diet and training (as much as possible) no matter what but I was just considering getting an additional 'push' with a cycle or two. Not to replace the current daily routine, just to get some results faster and then keeping them with a better diet and more exercise.

    Willy was supposed to be Winny. When you write such a long post I believe it can be overlooked. Not a typo but an honest mistake.

    I believe my CAPS LOCK is still more moderate than your screaming. But I'll let you decide. Thanks for the informative and thoughtful post.

    Will do sir, will(y) do.

    I'm unable to post my macros. My food intake varies from day to day and I don't have many choices there. That's why I always say that I'm now trying to keep a diet as much as possible because I'm aware that I cannot keep a perfect one due to the nature of work and isolation. As for the TDEE, your website have me about 3,500 calories even tho other ones gave me just over 3,000 calories.

    If it's of any help, I'll post my daily routine here. Maybe it will get me some additional tips.

    I normally wake up around 11am. I have lunch (or breakfast since it's my first meal) at 11:30am which usually consists of 2-3 eggs and a piece of meat (chicken/fish/pork) of around 200g. After that I'm on duty til 4pm and I don't eat anything in the meantime. I start my training around 4pm. I'm not doing anything 'heavy' atm. I run, do around 100-150 push-ups, same number of sit-ups and then some combined exercises, trying to focus on the abs (or in my case belly fat). That usually lasts an hour, then I cool down, take a shower and around 6pm I take dinner which consists again of some of the mentioned meat, in similar amount (no eggs). Then I usually try not to eat anything or if I have to it's usually some pumpkin/sunflower seeds with a lot of water. Now that I mentioned water, I drink 2-3 liters a day. Around 8-9pm I take a rest til midnight when I start my second shift til 6am. Then I take my second rest till 11am when a new day starts.


    Thanks again for the time. Much appreciated.
    Your schedule is nuts and I don't envy you at all. But do you actually touch a barbell? Do you lift weights? Pushups and an work is about all you can get to because of work?

    If that's your lot in life right now then don't run this cycle. It's a huge waste and will have negative health consequences for absolutely no gains.
    Rest in Peace Robot Lord. First round of Natty Boh is on me when I make it up there with you brother.

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    I have learned that a hallmark of adulthood, wisdom, whatever you want to call it, is the realization that it's OK and, in fact, often prudent to listen to what other people are telling you. Some people get there, some don't. You're at an age where you should be starting to figure this out. This is one of those instances where it's not only smart to listen to what people are telling you, but it would be absolutely stupid not to. The brothers here are telling you this not to be dicks, but because they don't want to see people get hurt from doing stupid shit. If you jump on gear given the info you have presented, that undisputedly qualifies as stupid shit.

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    There are many women and some men who take Willy. The dosage usually comes in inches.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Milo View Post
    There's the word I was waiting for. "Faster". You want your results faster. While the rest of us have been going for years, some for decades. Stop being a lazy **** and do your time.
    THIS. people that don't live this lifestyle always think they can get away with a "faster" and "easier" approach. Always looking for an easy way out. This isn't a sprint, its a marathon; a long as marathon.

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    Hi Charlie.
    Wow your schedule and situation is unique, I'll admit.
    You're 28, I think that excludes you from the disgraceful gen I see that thinks they deserve everything right now, and for free so.....
    Resign yourself to this being a long and personal journey. Also take note, your no different from so many others, you started this and wow, dramatic results....normal. A few months in and wow, ain't shit happening.....normal.
    Do as Nblesavage said, track your food intake, learn what that means and do it. Regardless of your situation.
    When you make port can you not bring yourself a supply of nutritious foods?
    Can you purchase for yourself some exercise equipment to keep in your room, maybe get others interested and purchase things together, find a space to call your own and workout in?
    As far as these cycles your kicking around. Charlie just stop it, you have way to much more to learn, and improvements to make before you seriously consider this. Honestly man, do your life a favor and don't.
    As far as the guys that sound pissed, I don't really blame them. We hear your type of story and plan all to often. And usually the OP doesn't listen, it's a bit frustrating ya see.
    So pay attention to the advice given. Find a way to your goals, it's the long play, not the short scam, trust us.
    Theres men and woman in even more difficult environments than you, they get it done right, you can too....if you really want it.
    Alright man, make smart changes and ask questions, let us know how you're doing.
    and be ****ing patient, stay off the damn WILLY, and just get it done. You'll have a real reason to stand tall then man.
    Most on here won't put up with excuses, because we don't ****ing use them.
    On my phone here, old man with fat fingers and poor vision, so apologies for typos, ha!
    Good luck Charlie.
    Consiglieri of the Flowers Family Mafia

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    That's a long read

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