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Thread: liquid dbol

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    liquid dbol

    I have 50 grams of dbol powder and instead of doing the 1gram at a time method, could i just make up the whole batch with the 950ml of everclear it calls for? Please only respond if you have real experience with this method. No guesses of negative feedback please

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    I would suggest doing 50grams into 1980ML of everclear and it would turn out to be about 25mg per ML

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    No, the answer to the question I am talking about is not “Don’t pay her.” I am talking about making active anabolic steroids from readily available prohormones. Actually, this is not something I would normally write about, but I had writer’s block this month and John Romano said this sort of thing would be something he would be interested in reading. So I thought I would delve into it a little. I have to warn you though, unless you have a background in steroid chemistry, this is not gonna make much sense to you.

    As you know, prohormones are metabolic precursors to active hormones, which are converted through the action of enzymes in your body. But these same prohormones can also be converted to the active hormones synthetically— that is, by the use of chemicals in a lab. In particular, diols and diones can be made into their corresponding active hormones by procedures that are actually remarkably simple.

    The most basic diol is 4-androstenediol. However, it is now illegal. There are still some diols
    out there, though. Here is a list containing 4-androstenediol and some other still legal diols.
    If you look closely, you will see that all these diols have double bonds in the first ring that are
    one carbon atom away from the 3-hydroxyl. The hydroxyl at carbon 17, however, does not have
    this feature. We can use this difference to our advantage and perform what is known as an
    ‘allylic oxidation.’Allylic oxidations can be done using a variety of different chemical reagents; however, activated manganese dioxide is the most convenient one to use.

    What this chemical
    does is oxidize the hydroxyl at carbon 3 to a ketone, while leaving the 17 beta-hydroxyl unaffected. This leaves you with the classic ‘3-one-17b-ol’ structure that most active anabolic steroids possess.

    The procedure is simple. You dissolve the steroid (let’s say 5 grams) in an appropriate organic solvent (let’s say 250cc of acetone) and then add about six times its weight in activated manganese dioxide. It is important that you use activated manganese dioxide because regular
    manganese dioxide won’t work. The activated manganese dioxide will not dissolve, but rather it will sink to the bottom. You must then mix the slurry for several hours (say 6-8 hours).

    After you are done, you filter off the manganese dioxide, or let it settle out and decant the clear layer. This clear layer will contain your active steroid in acetone and you can retrieve it either by slowly evaporating off the acetone, or by adding about five parts water and precipitating the steroid out. The precipitated steroid can then be filtered off and dried.

    Examples of this reaction are the conversion of 4-androstenediol to testosterone, the
    conversion of 17a-methyl-1,4-Androstadien-3b,17bdiol to dianabol, and the conversion of
    4-chloro-17a-methyl-androsta-1,4-dien-3b-17b-diol to oral Turinabol.

    Please don’t forget the fact that as soon as you are done with this chemical procedure, you have a controlled substance on your hand and you are therefore committing a felony. It is for this reason that I must remind you now that this is all being presented to you for purely informational and entertainment purposes.

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