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    Test e for now, not a cycle


    I've done few cycles in the past. One was 12 weeks test e, and one was 16 weeks test e with dbol.

    I know many of you don't agree, but now I'd like to get on test e and not come off it.

    Would this be good

    Test e 500mg a week
    Adex 0.5mg e3d

    With hcg there are few different opinions, how would you guys do it if you didn't plan to get off test e?

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    Going on and staying on can come with as many downs as ups.

    BP issues, thick blood and having to donate that 'bad blood'. Messed up lipid profiles, spent injection sites, E control, sex drive issues.

    Consider your age and how you react thus far. Always pull bloodwork and run as low as you can when 'cruising'.
    What happens in "the real world" is much more important than what occurs in isolated, scientific trials when trying to make a "real world" application.

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    Why 500mg? Why stay on? Not necessarily against it just curious your reasoning
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