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Thread: Home gym

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    It's all about the gym, I have been to my fair share and most are over crowded, don't have free weights, full of dueche bags, generally just dirty and nasty. If it's a good gym I love the gym but there are very few out there. Generally the more expensive non franchise gyms are nicer IMO, planet fitness sucks, golds sucks (big lots of machines free weights etc) but the last two been two were straight nasty and all the hand grips were wore out there was sweat everywhere and people not even wiping down after and also a rip off. But the eye candy kept me coming back for the short visits I was there.

    Bottom line is some gyms are awesome some suck. But I guarantee I'm more motivated at a gym then home alone. The guy next to me at the gym stacking more weight on then me motivates the hell out of me as does me stacking more weight on then someone else. I'm a smaller guy and use to love to go hit bench and kill it compared to most bigger guys. That will make your pee pee feel good

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    Quote Originally Posted by ECKSRATED View Post
    I fukking love my home gym. Power rack, bench, weights, dumbbells and a pulley. That's all u need trust me. There are soooooo many different exercise u can do with just that stuff. Ill never go back to a gym
    wouldnt it be more logical to get the chuck Norris total gym ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeigler View Post
    wouldnt it be more logical to get the chuck Norris total gym ?
    That’s what Ecks meant by “A pulley”, and by “A pulley”, he meant 3 pulleys.
    One in the gym and two in the garage to sell for a huge profit after Chuck dies.

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    couple mirrors and some wall art is all I'm sayin...

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    I am sponsored by our gym so I couldn't justify the money in building one. I enjoy training in garage gyms with friends all over the country but here I have the key and my own gym during certain times of the day.
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    Slowly built my home gym over 40 years. Really love it. always have been a hard-core home lifter.
    We are members of our local gym which is also kick-ass, so we train in both.

    Ive always mixed it up and trained in both. (If close commercial gym is a good one, which is sort of rare these days).


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