So Sometimes when I start gaining a lot of strength at once I have a tendancy to try and lift as much weight as I can and often end up pulling one of my pec muscles. I think a lot of it is a combination of doing too much too fast. I've been lucky so far this cycle and have really toned it down and not tried to beast it out on the heavy weights to prevent this, but I did feel a small tweek in my right peck muscle this last week while training chest. I haven't bench pressed in a few weeks and have been doing a lot of DB work. It felt a little tight on my first 3 sets on incline DB presses but then went away. could be that I didn't stretch good enough and it hasn't been bothering me which is good. Usually I will feel it pull and it will hurt for about a week or so and i'll have to go very light on my chest excersises.

Anyways, has anyone else experienced anything like this? As I get older I have really tried to not focus so much on strength and more on just quality workouts, but when this Tren kicked in I got a huge surge in strength and my ego got a bit of the better of me.