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    Need some reviews and product testing of our Knee Sleeves/wraps 99%off

    We need some experienced weight trainers to test and leave a review of our knee sleeves/wraps for sale on Amazon. PM me for 99%off code and a link to the product page.

    Two things here. ONE- this is a new product for us and we Currently only available in size large which is 14.2 inches to 15.7 inches measured at the bottom of patella. Two you must be an U.S. Amazon customer able to leave a review because it helps us get our products to sell better.

    please be honest in your review, if its good then leave good feedback. if it sucks then tell us it sucks

    Rinaldo Bros. LLC

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    I don't see any wraps.

    Knee sleeves and iPhone cases is kind of an odd combination.
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    I am good. Thanks tho
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