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    New to this...looking fr help with DNP

    Hi everyone. I am new and looking for some advice.

    I am 35 years old/female
    220 pounds
    perfect health outside of the weight.

    3 weeks ago I started taking 20mg avanar a day and working out 6 days a week. I hired a trainer and he had me lifting waits, working on my core and 30 minutes of cardio every session. He put me on a strict diet with no sugar that I have followed. After the first week we started working out 1hr and 20 minutes 6 days. Then I found a workout program called HIIT. I than hired a new personal trainer and I know do HIIT 6 days a week for 30 minutes a session. I have also upped my avanar to 30mg a day. My biggest problem- I have gained 8 pounds.

    When my cycle ends with avanar ( I have another 3 weeks) I want to start taking DNP with ephedrine. Im looking for advice on dosage, how long I can take it safetly and any other tips that help. My target weight is 130 pounds. Will it be safe to continue my training while I am on it? Once again- any advice would help.

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    You're taking 30mg of anavar a day and you're a woman. Of course you gained 8 lbs. 3 of it is prob dick growth.

    You need to stop taking everything you're on for drugs and supps and just diet and exercise.
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    It's water weight from the Anavar.

    That might be a bit high of a dose for you. 20 should be more than enough.

    Beware trainer who wants you on high doses. Makes his work look more effective
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    **** me, is this what personal trainers do in the states? Put fat ****s on steds? And women?!

    Seriously as awful as this will sound, exercise and exercise. 4 sets of put the fork the **** down a day. 220lbs didnt grow out of nowhere.

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