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    Var and hormone levels

    Hi, does anyone know if var can affect hormone levels- specifically adrenals and thyroids glands?
    I have been on var in the past and loved the results. I have had some health issues recently, and my DHEAS are low, and my thyroid is sluggish, but not kaput. I am on Naturopathic herbs to help rebalance this. The unfortunate side effect of me being sick is that I have put on weight that doesn't want to come off. I would love to go back on var now that my energy is enough that I can do a decent workout, but I do not want to mess up my hormones further. Any scientists/ docs out there have an idea?

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    No effect on DHEA. It might effect thyroid since most AAS decrease thyroid binding globulin levels and increase metabolism. This isn't necessarily a bad thing considering your thyroid is sluggish.

    I'd personally try to figure out why you have low DHEA (this is a massive red flag, DHEA is a vital androgen for women) and a sluggish thyroid before adding AAS into the mix. Also, those "naturopathic" herbs need to be introduced to the trash bin. I doubt they will help you solve anything. Try to figure out the cause of these issues and then bring it up with the doc, who should give you the appropriate medication.
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    When you got your levels checked what were your estrogen and shbg levels? I agree with MrRippedZilla, if you have hormone issues adding more synthetic hormones is never a good idea. The key for women is balance with diet and hormones. It's a checks and balances system once you get balance in the body you can push and pull anyway you want.

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