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    In a similar train of thought, I did do a mesocycle where I did 3 isometric deads before pulling. Pins set about an inch over the bar, and a full 5 second pull as hard as possible.

    When i would move on to regular Lars deads the speed off the floor was noticeably better. Some days it was drastic.
    Interesting. The heavier warmup approach seems to only work for my bench. DLs I'm good with just a few activation sets to make sure my posterior chain is firing. Squats I need the typical ascending warmup (takes me a while to get into a groove).

    It's obviously a neural thing, which relates speed as you mentioned. Knowing, for a fact, that you can handle a heavier weight across your chest seems to do better things vs knowing you can hold a heavier weight in front of you/on your back. At least for me and a few clients. Still intrigued to see if it translates at all to 1RM attempts in the elite (you, Ecks, etc).
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