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    Quote Originally Posted by MrRippedZilla View Post
    Honestly, I always thought that pre-exhaustion was kind of stupid. Isolating a major muscle group before a compound lift is going to limit my total load on that lift, so why the **** would I do it? Mechanical load is THE greatest stimulus for muscle growth, I had no interest in limiting that.

    Your experience goes together well with the data. An ever more relevant study for you is this. They did 1x10RM fly before 1x10RM on bench and found chest activation was the same but delt & tricep activation went up. Basically, your chest is tired so the other muscles take other the load - complete opposite of what pre-exhaust is "supposed" to achieve but, at the same time, makes a lot of logical sense. Pre-exhausting chest before bench doesn't work. It just doesn't.

    The fact that it works for triceps, and not chest or delts, is really interesting (I know I've said that a lot in this thread but it is!). Makes me think about methods to bring up other weak points - biceps, etc. Backs up some training methods I use for clients.
    It's funny, I always thought that this WAS the point of pre-exhaust! (To weaken more dominant groups to hit other ones harder making them compensate. )

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    Very good post. Thanks for posting. Sometimes we forget how much of a difference having reminders, knowledge, adds to better performance conditioning and PR on bench.

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