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    Tudca/ udca study protecting that liver

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    UDCA has a lot of health benefits. I've been taking it for almost two years now if I recall correctly. I was having "gallbladder attacks" that sent me to the ER on several occasions. The hospital never could find any sign of gallstones and I passed the HIDA scan with flying colors so to speak.
    After all the ultrasounds, endoscopy, colonoscopy showed that everything was clear their best guess is that I have a "web" of scar tissue from when I was shot in the stomach. Since I began taking the UDCA 250MG twice to three times a day following meals I have been symptom free for the most part. Another benefit is that between the UDCA and the glutathione or NAC my liver values were good for the first time in the years since I damaged my liver with long term painkiller use following a series of serious injuries. I can't comment on the TUDCA as I've only used the prescribed pharmaceutical grade UDCA. I have read that the studies done on TUDCA were funded by supplement companies so they could market an alternative to the patented UDCA, but that could just be propaganda. I would like to note that my liver damage has nothing to do with using oral steroids as I stayed away from them during my AAS use until very recently after I had to use low dose anavar for a bone condition
    Kind of going off subject here but one of the strange things I noticed after having the most painful ultrasound ever (just touching the area was agonizing) was that the pain would ease up. Since then if I start to feel like an attack is coming on I massage the area and while it's very painful to do so the symptoms abate. It makes a weird squishy sound, kind of like a a ziploc partially filled with liquid or a water balloon when I massage it. My massage therapist now works the area about once a month. She says that she's trained to work the area to aid in digestion but that she's never felt anything like mine. She compared my abdomen to skin covering pea gravel. I highly recommend abdominal massage, it aids in digestion and helps work toxins loose from your system. I have to drink a lot of water after because I feel toxic following the massage and I can see and smell the difference in my urine and stool
    It's an indescribable feeling when she massages my abdominal area but it helps to keep the scar tissue broken down. I get a similar effect where she massages the bullet entry and exit wounds on my lower leg. I can barely stand the pain but it is well worth it in the long run. Sorry for the tangent but I tend to get carried away once I start writing.

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    Jin is going to be so mad...

    He likes paragraphs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Viduus View Post
    Jin is going to be so mad...

    He likes paragraphs.
    I let it slide because it was a good post but **** I was so pissed off trying to read the whole thing.

    he can make it up to us with the story of his shooting. With proper formatting.

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