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    Quote Originally Posted by tbrilliantt View Post
    Day 17 (1/20/18) - 205.4 Pounds (-14.6 pounds)
    Macros: 1925 Calories, 198/174/50 P/C/F

    5.4 pounds away from my goal with 9 days to go? I think it's in the bag
    Finally starting to feel small, the head games are coming into play, had toyed with the idea of stopping now
    Went to the gym instead to hit chest with one of my buddies and check strength, even though I feel flat and depleted, I still put up 315 so I believe muscle loss has been kept to a minimum - just can't wait until I can carb up and fill back out
    I spend a good deal of time in the kitchen and I've been toying with recipes for healthy foods/desserts while on this cut - sugar free jello with fat free whipped cream has been essential but I wanted to broaden my horizons
    Some things I've made:
    - No Bake Cheesecake (200cals, 22p/27c/1f) pretty damn good for killing a craving and fitting in your macros
    - Protein Pepperoni Cauliflower Pizza (515cals, 82p/32c/4f)
    - Banana Pancakes (425cals, 18p/87c/3f) this serves two, I normally split with the wifey so I don't add protein powder, but you could cut the recipe in half and toss some protein in and end up with 380cals, 39p/44c/4f
    - Fat Free Buffalo Chicken Dip (470cals, 70p/32c/4f)
    Let me know if y'all want me to drop some recipes of foods I've been messing with

    very nice log, good luck for your cycle

    i use tm dnp its crystal 500mg crazy big sweats, day and night on 100g carbs daily, i think i make lower carbs 50gramm or so.
    Lost all Day 0,8-1kg

    have exactly seven days in front of me, this is a tough fight, but it is in any case in 10 days already good 5-6kg down you can see it, only the sweating is currently really hard especially in fitness, people think of what is determined with this man going on the sweats so extreme: D

    I even sweat in front of the pc, that's really incredible, at 250mg I've already sweated but not as extreme as now, but the results are much better at 500mg

    my next cycle is in february a 250mg I think 4 weeks long

    i sleep with open window on night and crazy sweat

    do you sweat big on 174gramm carbs?
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