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    Quote Originally Posted by Spongy View Post
    WTF, re-read your post...

    Its 2018. Words like “Mr.” and “her” are interchangeable now.
    “The only natural test-boosters I know of that work are compound lifting, steaks, and looking at boobies...” -Dan

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    Quote Originally Posted by snake View Post

    Na I'm going with with another T for fat loss ; (T)aking the damn fork out of your mouth.
    Hell yes! Tried and true program

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spongy View Post
    WTF, re-read your post...
    I think he injected some Botox in his face and then used voice text.

    On another note I didn't like dnp, it didn't seem to work too well but then again I got it from enhanced athlete years ago so it could have been bunk or underdosed. Either way it doesn't matter what you take, it's the work you put in. I've never seen anything beat diet and Cardio, as much as it pains me to say that, it's the truth! The same goes for building muscles, a lot of natural guys look better then people taking a shit ton of PED's. It's the work that pays off, not the drugs!

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