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    Cheat meal

    hello brothers, is hard for me to have a cheat not exactly a gifted person i have always focused on hard training and good nutrition. now as am going into this second cycle my target is hard mass but i do only baked chckn and fish, steamed rice and baked potatoes, 350 grs of prot and 350-400 grs carbs/day. am 5'4' almost 180 lb and about 13%bf. i dont get stressed out by eating like this by long, long periods of time neither have any type of cravings. What do you all think brothers should i include a cheat meal and how often. am also concerned about my bad cholesterol which i have been able to maintain in the normal-high range i have a hereditary tendency to have high levels of bad cholesterol ,daily discipline keeps it in decent levels thru after and before cycles. need opinions. thanks everyone.
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    Usually cheat meals are incorporated for sanity reasons. Eating the same boring stuff day-in, day-out gets tiring to most and they start to back slide. Cheat days provide a way to make those dietary restrictions a little more tolerable when there is a light at the end of the tunnel so to speak.

    imo, if you're not having any issues sticking to your diet and the thought of cheat meals aren't appealing, don't force it on yourself.
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    Oh someone's going to cry like a bitch when I say this but 350 grams of protein for you is way more then you need. I'd say treat yourself to some carbs; cut that protein down to 200 grams and put 150 grams more of some sweets in that diet and call it a wash.

    As for the cholesterol, try some Red yeast rice (600mg once or 2x/day) and see if that helps. Stay away from the Tren if you have cholesterol issues.
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    I was thinking the same thing on the protein. That's a lot for your weight. Snake is right. Get that down around 200.

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    I appreciate the advices

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