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Thread: Words of Wisdom

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    Words of Wisdom

    position yourself to be around those you can listen to and ask questions and gain insight and understanding from.

    Be engaged into conversations and fellowship with those who can enrich your life.

    Donít be afraid to approach someone who you regard in high esteem. Ask questions. Listen Learn

    Surround yourself with people that can challenge you as well as encourage you.

    There is a wealth of wisdom that can change our living lifestyle. It is a matter of us turning on to it.

    In order to increase in wisdom and stature we must decrease some of time spent in the wasteland of mind numbing non essentials.

    In absorbing more of relevant information and probing, digging and learning it will grow you in character and substance.

    Be conscientious of who you are drawn to. What environment do you put yourself in? Is it conducive to bringing you to a more fulfilled level? Is it an enabler for you to learn and grow for the purpose
    Enjoy Your Ride!

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    Re: Words of Wisdom

    I agree, everyday is an opportunity to learn something new...

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    Re: Words of Wisdom

    Those are words to put in play in everyones life no matter what you do, nice words Grizz!!!

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