Hello boys

I got fragments from a dealer for 1 year for someone else.

So now this one said it is not a Secuirty code on it normally is the bio-peptides, that's true.

I have injected it now, but the following happens, I'm typing on GHRP2 Or GHRP6 can not quite differentiate.

Maybe someone of you knows the vials # 05 #

I tested it for 20 days

Injected and very fast the first 3 days get a huge hunger, as well as dizziness and "low blood sugar" that's how it felt, sweating was there too, the huge hunger was gone after about 3 days

In the mirror one has seen something definitely, the fat went away more slowly and I looked "muscular" in the mirror with shirt
More strength during training, but very tired during the day

The sleep was really deep and the dreams really real after getting up, you felt very fit.

Well, here are a few pictures maybe someone of you can help, or say what's in there, I do not take it anymore.