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    DNP and water retention

    Hi all,

    Just a quick background

    My weight was 335 Lbs in November 2016.
    I went down to 326 Lbs by March 2017 (only by not drinking sodas but I was still eating fast food)
    I followed a 1500 calories program for around 3 months and by end of June 2017, I was 286 Lbs.
    From July to December I went back to the gym, doing weights and cardio (but mainly focusing on weight training), while sticking to my 1500 calories program, however I was just adding a couple of protein shakes per day, so maybe my calories were smth like 2000.
    I got stuck at that point for a long time, each week I was losing 1-2 lbs and then regain them after.
    I made some bloodwork to ensure that nothing is wrong with thyroid or other hormones.
    I started to use ECA and HGH, but again, my weight was fluctuating but still around 282 - 286.
    Currently I have biceps tendinopathy and severe inflammation and won't be able to train for at least 4 month.

    Also, I am 5'11, 32 yo and was AAS user in the past.

    DNP use
    I read about DNP and started to use it 10 days ago, my goal was to break the plateau to get down to 265 Lbs.
    After 10 days of DNP use I lost only 4 Lbs, which isn't as per my expectations.
    While I understand that I am holding water and it will go after stopping DNP, I really find it unrealistic that I would lose 10 - 15 Lbs of water weight after DNP cycle (or maybe it is, you guys tell me).

    I am using 200 mgs per day for 30 days (to be on the safe side)
    I am not having side effects after day 8.
    I am using T3 too.
    Diet is between 1800-2300 calories, 3 low carbs days followed by 1 high carbs day.

    Shall I go for 400 mgs per day to see better results, or shall I stick to 200 mgs?
    Is it reasonable that I am holding such significant amount of water weight and it will go after the cycle?

    Kindly help by sharing your views.


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    Stick to 200

    10lbs water wouldn't be unusual.

    If you aren't dropping weight it's simply too many calories so start dialing in your quantities.

    Biceps tendon pain is not a reason to not train at all for 4 months. Get your ass to work!
    "Overzealous dosing" -Jin

    Rest in Peace Robot Lord. First round of Natty Boh is on me when I make it up there with you brother.

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