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    Quote Originally Posted by snake View Post
    Yeah! Ya got em or ya don't. You can't be half pregnant. LOL
    What if he’s got only one nut? Kinda like a unicycle????

    #Strength First Boston

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    Quote Originally Posted by DocDePanda187123 View Post
    like I said, it biases towards high and reflects peak levels not trough. You’re injecting every two weeks right now and test e/cyp half life is right around 5-7days or so which means your trough is going to be in the gutter before your next injection. You’re dozing outside of the half life. Don’t rush your changes/adjustments. Things take time to normalize. Start small. First order is to start doing 100mg weekly and go from there. Assess after 4-6wks. Talk to your doctor about what you’re doing and maybe he/she can help you or at the very least know what’s going on.
    So I just saw the new Dr. on Friday. He says that since I have been on TRT for so long...the chances of me getting ANY size back is very low. He said I should have been warned by the original Dr. who started me on the 200mg bi-weekly to take an AI...since that was not done and I have been on it for 14yrs...the chances are slim to none.

    I guess I was hoping for a different answer. He said HCG works well in someone who is within a 2yr window of starting TRT....anything longer than that is useless. He is willing to try it out at least. Do you agree with his assesment??

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    Quote Originally Posted by tankbuster44 View Post
    He is willing to try it out at least. Do you agree with his assesment??
    Need photos to tell...
    “The only natural test-boosters I know of that work are compound lifting, steaks, and looking at boobies...” -Dan

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    Hey my blood results back...wanted to post them here to see if anything jumps out at them. Please let me know if you think you can decipher these...Thanks in advance.

    Tumour Markers
    Prostate Specific Antigen 0.82 <4.0 ug/L
    Methodology: Abbott Architect immunoassay.
    Results should not be interpreted in isolation as
    absolute evidence of the presence or absence of
    malignant disease.
    Changes in serial results may be misleading
    unless all Total PSA results are from the same
    laboratory method.
    Reproductive and Gonadal
    Estradiol 73 <162 pmol/L
    NOTE: Fulvestrant has been shown to interfere
    with estradiol testing by this direct
    immunoassay. Results for patients taking
    this medication may be falsely elevated to
    a clinically-significant degree.

    Some steroidal aromatase inhibitors are
    structurally related to estradiol and may
    interfere with some direct immunoassays.
    Dehydroepiandrosterone [DHEA-S] HI 11.3 < 9.7 umol/L
    Testosterone 18.0 8.4 - 28.8 nmol/L
    Total Testosterone levels may not reflect the
    biologically-active testosterone when SHBG levels
    are abnormal.
    Testosterone Bioavailable 5.6 3.6 - 11.2 nmol/L
    Interpret BAT results with caution in presence of
    significant hypoalbuminemia.
    Bone Markers
    25-Hydroxyvitamin D 88 75 - 250 nmol/L
    Season, race and dietary intake affect 25-Hydroxy
    Vitamin D levels. Highest levels are found in
    the summer months and lowest levels during the
    Referred Tests
    Dihydroxytestosterone Results are pending ...

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    No homo??

    That was a reply to the request for a pic...forgot to quote it...

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