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    bounce back on your calories, carbs. it could "restart" your body and bounce back your metabolism.
    worked for me for my prep.

    or your could try fasting. does wonders for some people.
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    I’m willing to bet it’s one of 3 things. Your diet isn’t in check. You’re not getting enough rest. Or your intensity in the gym isn’t there.

    Remember it’s easy in the beginning and it comes off fairly quickly. Then you stall.
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    if you have any cardio piece at home, 12min each morning on top of your night/after work workout would do a lot.

    1st thing out of bed you have no calories to burn, everything comes from the body and is burned for energy. Next it gets your metabolism a nice kick up to start the day. That 12 min goes a long way.

    You said you were doing HIIT, move to a long steady quick walk for 60 min straight. Then two weeks later, go back to HIIT. Also mentioned was confusion......Most likely your body is use to the 4-5 HIIT workouts per week. Thats y i said doing a long walk to break it up. Than just lift for 2wks, very little cardio.....Keep the change going.

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