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    Never seen sarms that combines different compounds. And like stated they are pretty good at shutting you down and that’s about it. They give minimal and I mean minimal gains if any.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PillarofBalance View Post
    Good for you for staying on top of Blood work man. That's a key piece a lot of us miss.

    What were you hoping to see from the SARMS and what do you actually know about how they work?
    Quote Originally Posted by notsoswoleCPA View Post
    So true... The doctor that caused my estradiol crash told me that some patients required 1 mg of adex per day on a TRT dosage. Granted, I have a hard time believing that, but that is what he told me he prescribed for them. 1 mg of adex per week on a TRT mix of 100 mg Sustanon and 160 mg enanthate administered every 14 days caused my estradiol level to hit 6.8 on the sensitive method. I ALMOST stopped TRT all together until I decided to find another doctor instead.

    As for SARMS, I'd rather spend the money on extra cyp, deca, EQ, or tren...
    i am looking to add more lean mass, was thinking sarms would be a safer way to start.

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