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    This Country has too far many laws, I guess that's why Canada is more peaceful not so much crime on such high rate like us, We should allow the rights for the people to choose their Pursuit of their own Happiness by proper responsibility, so I take it that Canada and other Country are more of Freedom than we, hmm, so my question is what are we fighting for when we signed up for service, for some old tight fat congress men or women that don't know or care about our freedom!
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    I'm glad that both time and effort is being diverted from the ongoing opioid epidemic to SARMS. Guess they only want to fight the fights that they feel they can win.
    Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

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    I injected sarms with a dirty needle once and now i have leprosy. Thank god the government stepped in!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NbleSavage View Post
    Its all politicking, M8. Bunch of old white men looking to score points in the media and with their daft voting base for taking 'dangerous drugs' off the streets and thinking of the childrens...

    There even some Asian and Black men working there too, who would have thought?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rot-Iron66 View Post
    There even some Asian and Black men working there too, who would have thought?

    'Some' is fair to say. And increasing number of minorities in Congress, even.

    I'll stand by my assertion at present however.

    And that newfound diversity seems to largely emanate from one side of the aisle

    "All lies and jests still a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest..."
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