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Thread: Study about AAS

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    Quote Originally Posted by snake View Post
    Exact same one?
    Edit: Maybe it was a different survey. Very similar though

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    I have boners wood like effect every day all the time at age 46 does this count for a survey?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dk8594 View Post
    What are the other parts of your thesis? How will these stats fit into you overall outline? Is there a hypothesis you are testing?
    Practical part consists out of 10 (currently only 8, 2 resigned after 1 month) aas using athletes, which are observed during their cycle in a time frame of three months. Blood analysis (Hb, CPR, ALT, AST, LDL, HDL, Cholestrol etc.) are done every 4 weeks. Physical and mental changes, sides and possible interactions are noted and observed, if they should appear. As well as detailed report about the substances, dosage and manufacturer of the substances are report.

    Goal of the study is to compare the gathered results with the currently existing studies, if the differ or if there are any similar results. Most studies done on animals or substances, which were used by athletes are not clearly demonstrated and just classified as AAS, as well as often lack of data, concerning dosage, duration of cycle, possible administration errors or previous medical history of the patient. So most studies conducted on aas are of little use unfortunately and might throw a wrong picture on aas use.

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    Hope you will share the results. Wed all be interested in your outcome.

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