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    Quote Originally Posted by HollyWoodCole View Post
    Last Thursday I felt like death..could barely move, everything was sore, hot/cold flashes, the works. Coughing and sneezing were extremely painful, all of that lasted for a day. Over the last few days I've gradually gotten better and at this point it seems like I'm just dealing with some allergies and Benadryl is taking care of most of it for me.
    Benadryl definitely seemed to help with the test flu, as well as ibuprofen.

    Pretty sure my body was way overproducing histamine leading to other responses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bro Bundy View Post
    i always thought only gays get flu from test
    nope, its not just you guys .....
    Nice 2 Meet U

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    I finally broke down and went to the doc yesterday, he gave me a corticosteroid shot, we will see how that hits it.

    The Comeback Kid

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