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    Coming off shouldn't leave u in pain so bad that u can't do a pushup. Some achy joints and sore muscles is normal but an actually injury is a different story. Take some rest and see how it feels in a week or so.

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    anyone try meloxicam...?? should be a good bit more potent that naproxen

    I like it, i only use it 3-4 days a wk tho.

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    gonna try out naproxen, hope it helps. And yes, I first started to feel light pain in elbows just on scullcrushers I didn't pay enough attention. u live u learn.right
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    Quote Originally Posted by musclebird View Post
    Hi Andy,

    I've dealt with a lot of elbow pain in my past and cured it by doing a few different things. The one thing I find to help the most is to go grab a bottle of aleve or generic sodium naproxen from Walmart. The next is attempt to stop working your triceps directly for the next week or two. What helped my terrible elbows was to keep them very warm while working out. I do this by wearing a sweater or using elbow wraps. There are very convenient slip on elbow wraps you can buy for cheap. I would also recommend using workout wraps while performing bench press or shoulder press to take the stress away from the elbow for the time being. As for Tricep exercises you may find that certain exercises hurt a lot and others do not. This is because of the mechanics of the elbow and how different angles and gravity can affect the joint. I find triceps kick backs are the friendliest on the elbow joint and skull crushers can destroy the elbow joint because of the way the elbow is loaded. Plan your routine with this in mind. If you'd like a bunch of elbow healthy tricep exercise variants, PM me and I will explain further in detail.

    People sometimes talk about pains after cycle... I used to get them until I realized the pain was cause by me and not the drugs. My strength always blew up on cycle along with my ego in the gym causing me to lift way too heavy. Unless you are a professional bodybuilder or sports athlete there is no need to push it heavy in the gym. If your diet is right and you are stimulating your muscles you will grow. Anyone who's just starting out please keep in mind the sky is the limit UNLESS you injure yourself. I have friends who have slipped disks squatting too much ending their workout career. They could have just chilled the **** out, fixed their diet and went on cycle to get twice as big without crippling themselves. We need to be in this for the long run.

    I hope your elbow pain fades with time, Man! Naproxen can really help. If you take naproxen and the pain goes away don't think you can just jump right back into it! It is to just take the inflammation away while your elbows heal. Elbows, Knees and wrists can sometimes take a REALLY long time to heal as well. Don't let this discourage you though. Just train smart and they will eventually return to normal.
    Really great post musclebird. Sound advice regarding the weight room.

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