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Thread: Real talk GH

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr P View Post
    I don't know brother I buy from a doc script I pay 3,400 but real pharma hgh is difficult to get wt a scrip there's so much bunk on the web & the streets,

    $ 675 if real hgh pharm it's a steel if you can get it,

    good luck

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    I just paid $900 for 2 36iu Genotropin pens, because I was desperate.... Now I buy them for $250 each. Expensive but gives me peace of mind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAXNY View Post
    Quality of sleep....Lol. I dont recall much of that. The GH I was using gave me night sweats so bad that I had to lay down towels at night. A few times my girl thought I pissed the bed because it was so drenched. Then, waking up with your arm and hand so numb its painful. You couldn't just shake it off, you had to get up, run around the house trying to get it to release. The fat burning results were incredible though.
    My hands, knuckle joints and wrist became so painful that I literally couldn't bench press it hurt so bad. That was at only 4 ius. Backed it down to 2 ius and the joint pain went away for the most part.
    That was some good GH. Haven't found quality that good since then.
    Or deadlift, couldn't close my hands

    Arms and hands going numb driving pissed me off a lot!
    Knock Em Down and Keep Em Down!

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