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    Quote Originally Posted by Jin View Post
    Not to be a jerk BUT: if you are an advanced/experienced lifter you would not be asking these sorts of questions about programming.

    Compound movements.
    Keep the rep range 8-15

    other than that there is a ton of flexibility and less right/wrong answers.
    There is an old pervasive line of thought that when you cut it's better to use lighter weight and higher reps. I don't blame him for asking. All of my most successful cuts were done while prepping for a PL meet.

    Edit: to clarify and respond somewhat to zilla's comment about not using strength programs rather than muscle building programs - the methods I used for PL involved ridiculous volumes that did induce muscle growth. So I do agree with him. In fact with clients I would help cut down I always kept their focus on building muscle not losing fat. That especially helps your more... um... neurotic clients.

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