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    Quote Originally Posted by dk8594 View Post
    Pretty much same experience here. I would register on the piss strips first few days, but as soon as I actually started to burn ketones, as opposed to pissing then out, the piss strips became pointless.

    The wife bought me the ketonix breath analyzer for Christmas a few years ago. It gave a good indication of how deep I was in Ketosis, but frankly after you have done a keto diet for awhile you can pretty much feel if you are in or if you are out.

    If you wanted to really get dialed in, though, Jin is right. You have to do the blood pricks, but damn those things are expensive.
    It's gets pretty obvious you are in ketosis when you can have a tablespoon of coconut oil, and half an avocado, workout for 2 hours and still not be that hungry.

    Blood, sweat and years.
    *and tren

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    Quote Originally Posted by automatondan View Post
    Im on week 2 and im testing my piss for ketones multiple times a day. It is working really well.... I went from no 6-pack, to a decent 6-pack with a nice V at the bottom. I know it will only get better the longer I go. I think ive already lost a few percentages on my bf.

    The only thing I would change if I were to have a do-over, is take in more protein. I was worried having my protein too high would kick me out of ketosis, but it appears that is broscience for the most part. I stay in a deep level of ketosis (12 mg/dl) even at 1.2 grams of protein per pound.
    Your macro ratio that you read about everywhere online and watch YouTube videos on is not necessarily broscience, the problem is most and by most I mean like 98% of everything you read online about ketosis is actually talking about medical ketosis. As in the type of ketosis that they treat diseases with at a hospital. Those medical ketosis guidelines are a lot more strict than what we need because they are using it to fight a disease not get shredded for the beach.

    "What hurts more, Physical pain or Mental pain? What hurts more, getting punched in the face or getting your heart broken?" -Tashi, HCX MMA

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