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    Yeah, that would be a question. But you also can not make sure the finished gears bought from others are clean. Most of the brewers chose to brew their own gear for the reason of they tired of using other's stuff and maybe they can not get the goal they want by using these gears, only want to make it by himself to ensure it's clean and with high quality, also it's very cheap if you used to it. So please don't do this if you are just interested in it, do more research and make sure you have all conditions to brew, and a good guide is also important.

    This is very true, you dont know if the place you are getting finished products from are clean, thats where research comes in, and a lot of it. Its still a crap shoot until you find that one that you like.
    There is a financial upside to home brewing, and ive thought of going that rout but i just dont want to risk it myself. Not to mention i think the wife would probably have a bit of a fit if i set up a mini lab in the house to start making gear LOL.

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