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    Quote Originally Posted by DevilDoc87 View Post
    Glad you did man. It’s a slippery slope. I know all too well, small town east TN.. it’s unfortunate but takes some dedication and a want to quit. Good on you brother. It ain’t easy.

    This stuff is all bad. Crazy really that docs still dose people the way they do. Ive used alcohol in the past to deal with my anxiety and depression and Ive had horrible experiences with both the drugs and the withdrawal from SSRI's. Zero doctors ever ran a blood test to check my hormone panel. TRT cured 95 percent of it for me. American medical system is very messed up.

    Depression and withdrawals are just a terrible terrible thing that people should never have to deal with. Ive lived for many years in a lot of agony. Years that I wish I could get back. Godspeed to anybody chasing recovery.

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    Holy shit really?? I should tell my friend about that. Hes trying to get off cold turkey!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coldblooded View Post
    Holy shit really?? I should tell my friend about that. Hes trying to get off cold turkey!
    Yes definitely inform him!

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    Progressive muscle relaxation. In the hospital we had a group about this one day. I felt kind of silly but kept my mind open and tried my best to earnestly listen to the counselor guiding us through it and follow the instructions. at the end i felt like i was floating!!

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