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    Test cycle update and a sarms question!!!

    So going into week 7 of this test enanthate cycle. It has kicked in libido is crazy and strength keeps going up. Making gains daily. With fast recovery. So I went to get my supplements this weekend and my buddy that works insist I add a five stack sarms “Kong “ to this cycle said I will really befit from it !! Not sure if he was just trying to push em on me to make a sale or if this is facts.i did some research and listened to episode 162 of the geared up podcast wich was very informative! So the compound break down is
    MK2866 25 mg
    GW501516 20mg
    MK677 15mg
    LGD4033 10mg
    RAD140 6mg
    daily. From what I understand thou and correct me if I’m wrong the sarms are a very powerful binding agents and could over power the gear when binding to the androgen receptors and could possibly make the gear secondary and on top of that possible lower libido. If anyone is familiar with this combo I would like some more insite !

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    Sarms are ****ing stupid and the only people who will tell you how great they are, also happen to be selling them.

    Things going good for you now? Then keep it that way. Spend your money on good quality steaks instead.
    "Overzealous dosing" -Jin

    Rest in Peace Robot Lord. First round of Natty Boh is on me when I make it up there with you brother.

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    I know nothing about sarms.

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    Thank you brother that’s exactly what I was looking for things are going good !! I’ll take the 120$ and spend it on chicken and steak !!

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    Forget that shit and dance with the girl you came with.
    Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

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    I don't know why anyone would want to take that kong shit. That's way too much shit jammed in one capsule, looks like nothing but problems to me.

    I think arms are interesting but with that you wouldn't even know what, was doing what?!?!? I'm already feeling confused just thinking about it.

    It's like putting every anabolic steroid ever made in 1 bottle with random doses all over the place. burma later, the room is starting to spin. What Snake and POD said, just stick with test and ask POB about reverse dieting!!!

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    sarms and peptides, were, once upon a time........something that may given some, small gains. But they went down in quality every year since they came out. As said, buy quality beef and chicken.

    just use the tes, 4-600mg a wk. Next, do not listen to any podcast regarding sarms or peps. All Dylan G b.s.

    Do not take advice from twitter or anything. Listen to guys here and other long standing, respected boards. Just get your pct lined up and do bloods during cycle and in pct.

    GL man

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