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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick View Post
    Well I just spent about $300 on Test cyp, nolva and clomid on the site I sent them an email asking them about shipping and they responded within 12 hours and my order was already completed through bitcoin and is being ready to be shipped. When I get home from the desert in 2 weeks I’ll take before pictures and progress pictures and let you guys know if the site is legit or not
    Get blood work done before you start. Then retest 6 weeks later. Progress picts will not tell you if the site is legit
    John 20:29

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    Quote Originally Posted by KINGIV View Post
    You know people used to buy shit from quality vets.

    Now they're buying it from pandas and gorillas, the ****ing zoo animals, thanks operation gear grinder LOL
    Ahh QV300 the first time I ran Deca, I had amazing results
    "You wouldn't know Gains if it was giving you a rim job". -Pillar of balance

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