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    Wish I could walk into a store and buy test. Lucky bastard. Iím 31 and ran HGH for 6 months, I didnít read all the replyís on here but the first and would have to go with what your goals are which Iím sure youíve figured out by now by the time Iím replying to this post. One thing I do remember is having my nails grow a cm every other day and a 6 pack regardless what I ate. The only thing I regret is not running it for a year but shit happens

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    I've been on HGH a long time (doctor told me once I start I would just stay on), I have read it is best on empty stomach first thing in the morning and if you split the dose to do it 1/2 to an hour before your workout. It is best not have have a lot of carbs within a few hours of the shot due to it's affect on insulin values. I also do 4iu per day in the morning about 5 days per week. If the sides get to bad I alternate days for awhile. It is slow acting but does seem to help everything after a while. It is best not to take it before bed is you every want to come off because it will shut down your natural production which is mostly done right after you fall asleep.

    If you are having joint issues you could add a little DECA it won't do anything to repair them but it can reduce the pain by adding fluid in the joint area. I have also found TB500 to be very helpful. Good luck.

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    I've seen some debate on our natural production being shut down on night time gh doses. There has never been any proof brought into the discussions so please bring it forward if it's something that the doc is telling you. He should have some type of study.

    I take mine before bed and before training. The only time I take it in the am is if I'm cutting on fasted cardio. Some of the script instructions say to dose at night. I do it because when we sleep, we heal and grow the most so that's when I want a good dose running through me.

    I dose pre workout because of this-

    Meadows is on the camera asking the questions.
    It's not what you lift... It's how you lift it!

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