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Thread: Phentermine

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    Yes, it is similar to the ECA stack. It is an appetite suppressant used for weight loss. It was once removed from the market due to the side effects but was reintroduced recently with a new formula. It is recommended for short term use only.

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    I got it from a Dr. Very effective appetite suppressant but to speedy feeling for me and I built up a tolerance to it very quickly which was concerning. It screwed with my emotions too when it would start to wear off. I prefer Welbutrin (which i also get from a Dr.) because it acts on the reward center of the brain and is less speedy feeling.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MrRippedZilla View Post
    Messed around with it years ago. Summary of my experimentation:
    - Very strong appetite suppressant with a very strong rebound once you stop using it. Sibutramine was a tiny bit weaker when it came to suppressing appetite but also came with a nicer side effect profile and no issues of rebound after use.
    - No impact on energy levels, unlike EC, and lack of data showing it to work permanently, unlike EC.
    - Concluded it was garbage.

    Talking data, right now (PM me for full paper), a combination of phen & topiramate is the best legally available drug treatment for obesity purely because the FDA has banned all the stuff that is vastly superior in all aspects. The Phen/Topiramate combo increases weight loss by 8-9% over the course of a year vs placebo. In other words, it's garbage.

    So yes, if you can find the good stuff, there is literally zero valid reason to mess around with phentermine IMO. It's garbage popularized only by the FDA's dumbass decision making when it comes to drug legality.
    Whatís the good stuff

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    Im using it right now. Its helpped me cut the calories back and not feel hungry as fukk all day. Its doing its purpose.

    I dont feel speedy but do have a headache, insomnia, dehydrated, and crashed libido.

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