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    This movement is a staple in my routine. Always will be. Thesee and close grip have made my triceps so strong. I like the rope better but keeping the end of the rope together thru out the entire rep. None of that spreading the rope shit, u get the same squeeze (I think a better squeeze keeping them together) either way.

    And as u get into some super heavy weight with these there's no way u can stand up perfectly straight and do them. It's ok to lean in to help brace the weight as long as you're still using just your triceps to perform the reps.

    Great exercise to start or end your workout with.

    But what do I know I'm just a skinny little punk living in my mom's basement.
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    Check back, I'm going to post vid, I am able to stand pretty straight up ~ I think and actually I can add even more of those loose weights than shown in the first pic. I hang them on the front of the stack. I am sure I am no stronger than most of you, especially those on gear, sorry if I offended anyone.

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    Like others said, they work great. I usually like them at the end for burnouts. I have started doing single arm overhand, supersetted with underhand for high reps. Really fires up the long head

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