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    Quote Originally Posted by PillarofBalance View Post
    Correlation is how we got into this cholesterol mess with all these men being put on a statin.

    Only that that ever impacted my cholesterol was...

    Oh wait... Nothing has ever impacted it. Not exercise nor diet or any other factors. Not even juicing my brains out ever really affected it much.

    Can't say the same for triglycerides though.

    I 100% agree that lipid profiles are 95% based on genetics. You can help triclycerides with exercise and fish oil. High triglycerides is not a good thing.
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    That really sucks CPA!

    I moved my total cholesterol down just a little. Got my HDL up from 35 to 40 with some fish oil and Triglycerides down with cardio. That brought the ratios in a little better. I also use some Red Yeast Rice. In all, it may all be B.S.

    This I find real interesting. Total Cholesterol= HDL+LDL+20% of the total Triglycerides. If Triglycerides are a key factor as DYS mentioned, why is it only accounted for at a 5:1 rate? To me, I bet it was a comprise between two "Experts" on a late Friday afternoon and dinner was getting cold.
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    I think I will pick a brand of red yeast rice to try next and just go back to eating my macro targets. I'm over listening to diet advice from professionals that just doesn't work!

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    85 percent of people who have heart attacks have "healthy cholesterol levels". Does that make any sense?

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