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    I have to disagree that it's probably your diet and not the AAS you're taking. Unless if you are already pretty advanced [like 6'0/230 @ 7bf] the AAS you are taking should be carving you up and you should be making strength gains even if you're under eating. there's a lot of underdosed and fake shit out there. probably 90% of the steroids being dealt are crap. doing more workouts won't help unless if you are training like a pussy in the gym. Dorian Yates only trained 3 times a week and look at all the gear he was taking. hell frank zane at times would take 2 weeks before he hit a muscle group again. over eating will get you fat. if you aren't getting stronger on the AAS you are taking, even if you are in a little bit of a caloric deficit, then your gear is bunk. I'd get off of what you're on, and recomp until you find something better.

    I was cycling and cruising for 2 years and wasn't making much progress. I went from lifting 5x to 3x a week and have been on Pharma grade test from a doctor @ only 100mg/week for the past 3 months. I look better than when I was cruising on 175mg UGL of test or when I was blasting amounts like you're doing.
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    Yates may have trained 3 days a week but how long and intense is a big key. Not to mention I’m sure his genetics were a lot more in tune for the size he was as well.

    you can do 3 a week but they need to be high intensity days. You’re going to probably be better off doing a 4 or 5 day split. It you look in the training section ripped zilla has done good info on diff training routines.

    And like everyone else else has said already diet is a huge part of it.
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    If you're using AAS why wouldn't you train everything twice a week if you could. And please, don't tell me can't because of your training intensity. If your training was there you would make gains regardless of whether your gear was good or shit ( if you're eating enough that is) I made gains I could still notice, however small, after 30 years of lifting, approaching 50 years old, with a test level of 290. So that blows away the bunk gear theory as well. And even with severely underdosed test, bro you're putting a gram a week in your body, you're going to get something out of it. Post up your actual training and actual diet. Let's take a look at that.

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    Man, hit a labcorp or quest diagnostic and take your bloods to check your test levels. Results in 3 days and it will tell you if your test is bunk or not. Let me know if you decide, we can point you to a website where you can order the test yourself and don't have to pay for anything but the test, meaning no doc visits.

    Personally, I would be looking at my diet to begin with. If you can't gain and hit a plateau, you need to eat more, period. If you are gaining, you will need to eat in calorie surplus or you just won't gain. If the aas was bunk and you were eating in surplus, you would at least be putting on fat.

    If you are really serious and want to take it to the next level, count all your cals for a few days and see where you stand. You will start to have to plan meals ahead of time and know what you are going to eat that day. Winging it will get you nowhere.
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    I'll throw my .02 in. I'm a single dad with two jobs so lifting 3 - 4 days a week is unfortunately the usual for me. I have no trouble making gains at fractions of the dosage you're at. These dudes are right. Assuming you're actually doing work while in the gym it's probably almost all diet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eddiek View Post
    I second what Bricks is saying. Taking AAS should allow for more intense training and frequency. 3 days per week is not enough even when you are not on AAS. I do a 4 day on 1 day off routine. Day 1 - chest, Day 2 - bis and tris, Day 3 - back and shoulders, Day 4 - legs, Day 5 -off, and repeat.

    Eat plenty of calories and sprinkle in 20-30 min cardio 3 days per week and with that gear you should gain pretty easily.
    I train 3 days a week right now and am growing and looking just fine. It's not his frequency in the gym it's his shitty diet.

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    We see this so much... Aas is magic right? Dont need food to,grow aas does it all.

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