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Thread: hGH nwebie

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    Quote Originally Posted by Veebudagh View Post
    Hey guys I'm 36 , 230 lbs 6'2
    Ive been training for 15 years. I did few simple test cycles back in the days in my 20s but nothing hardcore.
    Ive been away from the gym for the past three years or so now I'm planning to get back and run 2 back to back test cycles with 2 ius of hgh per day for six months to enhance fat loss while putting up some mass. Test cycles will be 8 weeks long with two weeks rest in between ( Ill update you later on the types of tests I'm gonna run and the pct material ) my main question is about the hgh ! I came across this brand (Genogen) it says RX use only on the box and manufactured in CA ! I know its not a legit brand cause I couldn't find any solid reviews or feedback on the net about it plus its really cheap compared to the legit brands. Its $600 per box which contains 150 ius. Is it even worth to pay that much for it ? Is it safe to use? Is it genuine or fake? Id really appreciate any feedback or guidance from you guys. Thank you in advance.

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    Donít do it, I got the same product from a ďfriendĒ and so far Iím at almost 6ius and I donít feel shit. There is in another site where they say that brand is fake as ****!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by HDH View Post
    Here are some brands right now, good can change to bad before you know it. On this list, the top 3 are the top 3 and stay consistent, the others I don't know about consistency but they score well now. I use the top 3 and get great results.


    Mediatrope Blacktops (150iu)

    Mediatrope Mauves (120iu same as blacks, lower cost, lower iu)





    The cost will depend on the seller or if you you purchase domestic or international. Domestic to international is around $40 difference per kit. Domestic can run around $200 and go upwards of $300.

    Now the hard part is putting in the time to find a good source.

    I gotta be honest man, it has been a long time since I have seen so many good kits going around. It seems some in China are realizing we here in the states have become testing madmen. It would now be to a source's benefit to put a good product out as the demand for good GH keeps rising.

    But like anything else, here today, gone tomorrow.
    I had lilly humatrope and it seems to be working well. Also heard good things on Geno.

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