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    So general consensus is go to chest level and it is not harmful to the shoulder joint?
    Thays whay i usually do but been hearing so many people say just at chin level or just below chin level is fine,
    honestly been doing that latley and obviously I can lift more on it now with the few inches less of ROM, but I have also noticed more growth in my delts. But I’m thinking maybe just the change in weight even with decreasing ROM shocked my muscle and broke my plateau

    I do know some guys will use heavy ass weight and loosen up on their form and decrease ROM on purspose just to get some extra Weight up and use it as a plateua breaker, could be a useful tool as long as you are safe about it and don’t use it as the bulk of your program

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    Don’t squat below parallel, you’ll blow out your knees.

    Use excessive weight whilst quarter squatting to break through plateaus.

    That about right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jin View Post
    Use excessive weight whilst quarter squatting to break through plateaus.
    This is how I set PRs. Though “quarter” might be a little generous.

    “The only natural test-boosters I know of that work are compound lifting, steaks, and looking at boobies...” -Dan

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