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    Quote Originally Posted by Iron1 View Post
    It's worth noting that caffeine doesn't actually give you any more energy than you already have. All it does is block the signals that tell you you're tired. That's all well and good but you're effectively burning the candle at both ends. Make sure your sleep is sufficient and take some time off of caffeine every once in a while.
    Don't overlook this post you guys. Ron makes one of the better points here because he is addressing how caffeine actually works. Caffeine just antagonizes the adenosine receptor. So it doesn't give you energy per se, but rather prevents you from becoming tired.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Seeker View Post
    my answer is I never needed a stimulant to enhance my hype at the gym. i was always excited come gym time. You're comparing two different things. I would drink Gatorade during training but it wasn't for a stimulant effect. I'm not knocking people who take pre workouts, I just never had an interest or a need for it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Seeker View Post
    never could understand the whole pre work craze. Just shut up and lift! never took a pre workout in all my years of lifting. My love of the weights was always enough hype for me.
    I'm with you on this Seek. Maybe we're just ol' school but give my 20-24 oz mug of coffee before the gym and I'm good.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jin View Post
    Caffeine is a performance enhancing drug. You took steroids to enhance performance, so why not other things?

    not trying to pick a fight but I think it’s a fair question to ask.
    I doubt caffeine is in the same room as AAS. Now I know you were not implying that but you know they are worlds apart buddy. Personally, I think there's a psychological effect to a big cup of coffee; it's signals the commencement of my workout.
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    I wish caffeine kept me from getting tired. Crap doesn’t have a noticeable effect on me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Elivo View Post
    I wish caffeine kept me from getting tired. Crap doesn’t have a noticeable effect on me.
    Me neither, other than I'm clearly addicted to it as if I go long without I get incredible headaches.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Viduus View Post
    “Caffeine” doesn’t give me the same boost “DeathKiller”,”hypeXplode”,”VeinBurster” does. Science says 2/3s of the effectiveness comes from the branding. (I read it on the box)

    (I use caffeine pills for a boost if I need it these days. Left over from EC experiments and simple like you said)
    I too am always on the market for a better placebo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Elivo View Post
    I wish caffeine kept me from getting tired. Crap doesn’t have a noticeable effect on me.
    take a 4wk break and let your adrenal glands get a rest

    200 mg will have a big effect than.

    I buy 200, 200 mg caffeine pills from walmart and take 1/4 serving of a pre workout and half of a 200mg pill. Does me good.

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    Double espresso left to go cold and mixed with my morning chocolate protein shake Is all the caffeine I need

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    1 - 4 scoops of Mr Hyde tends to give me enough energy to hit the gym for a while. I'm gonna have to look into caffeine pills as a replacement though.

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