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I saw that a few were talking about Sumo deads and it brought me back to my nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

During my last cycle...25 mg of EQ, I was doing sumo deads for the first real time...I believe 5x3 and I was on my last set and a HUGE pop happened on my left side but I wasn't in severe pain by any means but of course stopped. I moved on with training fine up until I had to have my brain surgery and I had stopped the EQ a couple weeks before that and stopped my TRT when I had surgery...well........................after it was both out of my system the fuccking pain in my left side ass was unfuuuking real and so I was dealing with that also right after surgery...yep..sciatica nerve damage...It honestly was the worst thing I've dealt with my whole life as my damn brain was fine compared to my ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was able to get a damn cortisone injection and I was lucky..one shot worked thank the lord...but guess what, it's been past 6 months from having it and no pain....so I know for a fact...being back on my TRT is keeping it from killing me!

Anyone have any stories??????????????
Lmao... sumo deads... the amount of memes i see on the daily are ridiculous. I laugh..

And since you mentioned sciatica damage. Ive had problems with that nerve so much since pregnancy. I have to be careful with squats. Its part of the reason i go barefoot. Did the shot of cortisone go right in the nerve?